Defining Sustainable Value Creation Φ

MIXBack in 2012, we articulated our definition of Sustainable Value Creation in response to the Long Term Capitalism Challenge as follows: “We believe the purpose of Long-Term Capitalism is to drive Sustainable Value Creation.  Value creation is something we all do every day for each other.  Now we need to ensure that we define Sustainable Value Creation so that it really measures whether what we are up to actually reinforces rather than undermines how LIFE works, that is, Net-Generative with respect to living systems.”

We define SUSTAINABLE VALUE CREATION Φ as the process of delivering synergistic satisfiers for human needs, within Nature’s limits as determined by scientific principles for ecological and socio-economic sustainability, whereby ….(Read the full article here.)[1]”

In todays language, Johan Rockstrom and Kate Raworth (amongst others)  have given us powerful concepts such as Planetary Boundaries, Social Floors and Doughnut Economics to help communicate this scientific understanding to mainstream business audiences.

Over the past decade, we at Sustainable Value Creation have been developing the competencies required to develop the organisational governance, leadership and strategic planning to transform these ideas into impact.  How can we help you and your team to develop your Sustainable Value Creation strategy?

[1] Extracted from Brennan, J. 2012, Sustainable Value Creation | Life at the Heart of Purpose, Management Innovation Exchange.